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Lennie is serving out his calling to help others in his own unique way. He has developed recognized expertise in a niche that few can fill.

Those he can help include individuals at risk due to cognitive issue or illness, their families, and attorneys with whom they work.

Lennie’s expertise rests on two intersecting specialties. First, he is a well-qualified and experienced professional guardian. He enjoys certification as a National Master Guardian. Few professional guardians are able to achieve this status. This means he is recognized by his peers as having mastered a wide knowledge of how to protect some of the most vulnerable members of our society.

Secondly, he is a peacemaker. The field of guardianship frequently involves conflict. It can be between family members, the individual thought to be at risk, or other interested parties. Because guardianship is such a drastic alternative, it’s important that it be done only if unavoidable, and done right if it is not. Lennie is a diversely trained and experienced mediator. He is certified by the Supreme Court of Florida for County, Family and Appellate mediation. That means he can be the neutral facilitator in both informal circumstances and in cases already before the court or court ordered. He is specifically trained in guardianship and elder mediation. In addition, he is trained in Christian conciliation should the parties desire that option.

His expertise is also recognized by those who seek his teaching, lecturing and articles. He has provided accredited continuing education for professional guardians, mediators, attorneys, staff of the Clerk of Courts, church leaders, and others. He also lectures for community groups.
Lennie is formerly a Federal civil servant in the Department of the Navy. He served in the Senior Executive Service for fourteen years.

He continues membership in several professional organizations and currently serves as the Vice President of the Florida State Guardianship Association.

A complete curriculum vitae is provided here.

Specialty Guardian Services

Certified by the Supreme Court of Florida for County, Family and Appellate mediation.
  • Trained in the specialties of guardianship mediation and elder mediation.
  • Experienced and highly knowledgeable in the practice of guardianship.
  • Trained in Christian conciliation
Christian Conciliation Option
  • If the parties to a dispute desire, mediation can be based on the foundations of Christian teaching.
  • Consistent with the principle of self-determination that is essential in the practice of mediation, this option is solely at the discretion of the parties.
  • Mediation conducted on this foundation is consistent with Florida Rules for Certified and Court-Appointed Mediators
  • If this approach is taken, the parties will rely on Scripture, prayer and the voice of the Holy Spirit as they perceive it.
Lennie Burke sharing a message
Lennie sharing a message

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Combining Certification for Family and Appellate Mediation by the Supreme Court of Florida and  Certification as a National  Master Guardian.

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